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Eonza automation software - free, open source cross-platform program for easy creation and management of scripts.

Eonza - Create your own data storage!

Create your own data storage! Eonza is a free hosted application that lets you keep all necessary data accessible from anywhere and work with them. Now you can fully own your data, and you don’t have to depend on any third-party services! This software product is distributed under the MIT license, so you can download and install it on your web hosting for free (all you need is PHP and MySQL). You can even use if for your commercial purposes. You can keep data not only as tables, but also as documents, photos, and other files. You can upload files to your storage anytime and always have them available for you.

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You will be the sole owner of your information.
If you don’t like the web hosting, you can easily move to another. If you are concerned about security issues, you can use https. If you want to create a backup copy, you can do it anytime.

Popular, free technologies are used.
MySQL, PHP, and JavaScript — they are easy to use and readily available. If you later decide to discontinue using our product, you can always export your data to a different format.

Open source code under the MIT License.
You can make any changes and use Eonza for free, both for personal and for commercial purposes.

For Webmasters

The Eonza system can be used not only as a personal storage, but also as a website administrator control panel. It is free, easy to use and takes minimum space. You can assign permissions to users or even hide certain tables completely. You can also work with the database directly from website scripts.

Latest Version: 4.1.1
Release Date: March 31, 2016