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Eonza automation software - free, open source cross-platform program for easy creation and management of scripts.


There are tons of information we receive every minute of our life. Unfortunately, we can’t keep it in our head for long, so we store information in a digital form on the computer. At the same time information is diverse, it covers multiple aspects of our life, so we have to use many different ways to store information – calendars, notepads, file storages, movie or music catalogs and so on. It doesn’t seem we really own information today. It is more like information has possessed us, and it becomes even more evident when we need to find something and it takes much longer than we expect.

There are multiple online services offering tools to store and process information, but in fact this means you don’t own your information anymore – it is the service that does. And a service may die, raise prices, block your account or become acquired by another company. So we decided to give people a way to control their own information, and built Eonza – your own information storage system you can deploy on any web hosting. All information is stored in tables, and it is you who decides what tables you need and what columns they should contain. You can store any data that way – starting from bare numbers to HTML pages, files and photos. You can see Eonza live at our demo website (password: demo).

If you already have a website, then installation takes merely few minutes. Create an individual folder or a subdomain for it, and a MySQL database. After installing, you will have access to your data from any device that has a browser and is connected to the Internet.

We don’t plan to stop where we are, so we constantly improving the project and invite everyone to take part in development as well. Here are the basic principles we follow:

  1. Completely open-source and free.
    Eonza is an open-source project under MIT license, the most democratic of all licenses whatsoever.
  2. Information is ultimate.
    All we do is merely a wrapper for your data.
  3. Simplicity and straightforwardness.
    We aim to make Eonza available to everyone, not just those who are familiar with PHP and MySQL.