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Eonza automation software - free, open source cross-platform program for easy creation and management of scripts.

Information storage settings

Every piece of software has its own settings allowing a user to adjust the program for better comfort. Let us show what you can configure in your information storage.

Title – specify the title text here. It is displayed in the top left corner of a page.

Show alias – by default all table and fields in the database have unique numeric identifiers. If you want to address tables and fields from other scripts, you can assign certain aliases to all tables and fields. To do this, switch this option to Yes. After that, a new parameter Alias will be available in the table and field settings. This can be useful if you utilize Eonza as an administration panel of your website, but scripts of that website work directly with tables in the database.

Records per page – the number of lines of a table to display on one page. Tables are split to multiple pages in accordance this parameter.

Keep a log – You can enable tracking of changes in the database. In this case, the enz_log table will store the following information: use, change date, table, record ID, action type (adding, changing, removing).

Login by password only – If you are the only user of your database, you can disable entering the login information during authentication. If this option is enabled, you are only required to enter the password.

Show Help buttons – You can disable or enable the Help buttons that refer to corresponding pages of the user manual.

Custom JavaScript - You can modify the Eonza interface and run-time functions by using JavaScript language. Enter the full URL or relation path to the custom .js file. For instance, the following line changes the text in the footer of the web-page. You can find more details in the developer's guide.

enz.footer = '© 2015, This is John Doe's storage';