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Eonza automation software - free, open source cross-platform program for easy creation and management of scripts.


You can give access to your information to friends, business contacts, colleagues. Interestingly, you can permit both reading and modifying of information. At first, you should create user groups you need and assign certain access permissions to them. After that, add a user to this table and specify which group he or she belongs. The entire information about users is stored in the system table enz_users. To add your own fields to store additional information in this table, for instance, photographs, click the Settings button in the table menu. Notice, you as an administrator of the system are already in the user list. You can modify your own parameters, but do not remove your record, as you’ll lose access to the system and will have to restore it manually.

Name - user name.
Login - login. The name a user logs on to the website.
User Groups - select a user group this user belongs to.
E-mail - email.
Password - specify a user password to log on to the informational system. Notice, passwords are not stored explicitly, only password hashes are stored. Later, a user can change the password and you will not be able to learn it. But you can still assign a new password to this user at any moment. Simply enter a new password and save.
Last Visit - last time the user visited the system.
Language - you can specify the default language of the interface as a two-symbol code. The user can change it later.

When you add a user, the required fields are Login and Password. If you would like to withdraw access of this user to your data, simply delete him or her, change his or her password or clear the User Groups field. The latter option is convenient if you want to disable this user for a while.