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Eonza automation software - free, open source cross-platform program for easy creation and management of scripts.

Backup Eonza Files program

The Eonza system features a built-in tool to [create a backup copy of the database]](backup-database.html), but what about backing up files stored on the server rather than in the database? For that, a special program named Backup Eonza Files was created. It backs up files in your information storage without the need to have an FTP or SSH access. But first let’s name the main capabilities and advantages of this application.

  • Backup Eonza Files is a free open source program written on the Go language distributed under the MIT license.
  • Cross-platform . You can download an executable of any program for your platform or compile it yourself under any OS supported by the Go programming language.
  • The application works via the HTTP protocol and doesn’t require FTP or SSH access. You only need your login and password to access Eonza.
  • Aside from downloading files the program can backup databases .

Backup Eonza Files has no any graphical interface, and all required parameters must be specified either via a command line during execution, or in the settings file. You can also set part of settings in the file, and specify another part in the command line.

Download Backup Eonza Files v1.0.1

Filename Type OS Arch Size •
GitHub •
Source Code Cross Platform   5.06 KB Program Windows 64-bit 1.34 MB Program Windows 32-bit 1.24 MB
backupenz64.tar.gz Program Linux 64-bit 1.14 MB
backupenz.tar.gz Program Linux 32-bit 1.09 MB

Program settings

Below we review all available parameters and options both for the command line and the settings file.

Settings file

The settings file is an ini-file that contains parameters passed to the program.

Parameter Example
Command-line parameter --config backupenz.exe --config c:\myeonza\myconfig.ini

Settings file example

Eonza =
User = admin
Storage = c:\myeonza
Log = ""
Mirror = 0
Dbackup = 0

The corresponding command line execution would be

backupenz.exe -e -u admin -s c:\myeonza

Information storage address

You should specify an address of your information storage. If the address is not specified the program asks to enter it after execution.

Parameter Example
Command-line parameter -e backupenz.exe -e
Settings File Eonza Eonza=


To connect to the system you need to specify your login. Note that only an administrator or owner of the system can backup files. If you don’t specify a login, the program asks for it on execution.

Parameter Example
Command-line parameter -u backupenz.exe -u admin
Settings File User User=admin


You can specify a password to connect to the system in the settings file or in the command line, but for the sake of security we do not recommend either. You better not specify it at all and let the program ask for it on every execution.

Parameter Example
Command-line parameter -p backupenz.exe -p mypass
Settings File Psw Psw=mypass

File directory

You can specify a directory where all backup copies of your information storage are. Note that this directory will copy the hierarchy of the website starting from the domain name. For example, if you specified

Eonza =
Storage = c:\myeonza

files will be saved to a directory named c:\myeonza\\eonza. Such an approach prevents occasional overwriting of files when multiple storages are backed up.
Reserve copies of files are saved with the same names and in the same the directories as on the server. If files on the web server are lost or damaged you only need to copy them from the local machine to the server, to the storage directory as is. If the parameter is not specified, files are saved to the current directory.

Parameter Example
Command-line parameter -s backupenz.exe -s "c:\myeonza"
Settings File Storage Storage=c:\myeonza

Log file

You can specify a log file to record results of program operation. If a log file isn’t specified, these data are put out to the console while operation.

Parameter Example
Command-line parameter -l backupenz.exe -l "c:\myeonza\backup.log"
Settings File Log Log = c:\myeonza\backup.log

Mirrored synchronization

By default, the program only fetches new or updated files and downloads them. In this case, if a file was deleted from the information storage it still remains on your local machine. If you want the removed files were also removed from the backup copies, specify this parameter.

Parameter Example
Command-line parameter -m backupenz.exe -m
Settings File Mirror Mirror = 1

Copying the database

Along with copying files you can make a backup copy of the database. The backup is stored in the backup subfolder. For example, c:\myeonza\\eonza\backup.

Parameter Example
Command-line parameter -db backupenz.exe -db
Settings File Dbackup Dbackup = 1


If you run the program with the -h command line option, the present page will open displaying all the application settings.

Parameter Example
Command-line parameter -h backupenz.exe -h

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