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Working with sets

Sets are simplified tables. Sets have certain limitations:

  • The number of elements in a set cannot exceed 32.
  • Every element of a set has just one field – name.

Why someone would need such data sets? You may have already faced with the need to make small tables with just one field. For example: sex (male, female), grade (A+, A, B, C, D), movie genres and so on. So, if you see the number of records in a table will not exceed 32 and every such record will only has a name – make a set instead of a table. Using sets instead of tables has a number of advantages:

  • You can configure the main table to select just one element from the set (for example, sex), or a multiple elements (like genres).
  • Working with a set doesn’t require additional links between tables and therefore the performance of the main table doesn’t slow down.

You can create, modify and remove sets according to your needs.
To create a set, click the Create button and specify the name of the set in the opened dialog.
To add, change or remove elements of the set, switch to the view mode using the corresponding link or the dropdown menu at the right.

Eonza doesn’t allow to remove set if it is being used by at least one table. But it doesn’t check if elements of the set are in use. For example, if you delete some element of a set, this element will not be displayed anymore in the fields of tables where it was specified. However, if you rename an element of the set, this element will display the new name in all tables where it is used.