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Export data

If you need to pass all or selected data from the table to another person, you can use the Export function. Besides, exporting is useful when transferring information from one table to another. Information is stored as a CSV or XLSX file. This is one of the most widespread formats to work with table data providing rich transformation and converting capabilities. Table exporting takes into account its filters and record sorting. That is, you can select records you need, order them as you need and then save to a file. By default, values of all table fields are saved, but you can specify fields you need and the order you want them to export. To do this, after you have selected a format add fields you need to export by selecting them from the dropdown list and clicking the Add button. You can reorder them as you want. Then, click the Export button and downloads the created file to your computer.

Note that this function doesn’t support exporting images and files. Besides, by default, when you export Link to table, One from set, Set field types, a value code is passed instead of the actual text you see. This allows you to consequentially import these data into a table that has a similar structure.